Distance learning

  1. Hi Mr.Jockers, I have not been enjoying my time off. I have just been bored out of my mind. I  just wake up, brush my teeth, then on most days I go on a run in the morning with my dog Abby. I have tried new things like building my own hockey play area outside. My parents have been trying to buy everything they can for food. They also go to farms where there is no one there. When school first got shut down I went skiing I know sounds a little crazy with everything going down me and Christian ganim went together. We skied. It was very fun. We got on about 36 trails, which is a pretty good day. We also broke the rules a little and skied off the trails but it turns out that the next day they shut the whole mountain down. Now I have some things to do because school is starting back up but the days are still a little boring. I also got in a little trouble. I broke a window while playing hockey. It was not a very good start but thankfully it was a double window so I only broke one layer but I still have to make money now.  I have to play outside now so that is why I started to build. I am not a very big video game person but lately I have because I just have nothing to do. I have been playing NHL 20. It is pretty fun. I also am going out of my mind because there are no sports to watch now it is crazy.
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7 thoughts on “Distance learning

  1. Hey Graham,
    I think I recognize this piece of writing from Day 1. Keep writing every day. And you don’t need to address these blog posts to me; any one in the world can read them.
    Keep safe,
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Hi Graham!
    I’m happy that you got to go skiing just before it closed. I also hope that u are able to get that window fixed.

  3. I’m not really a huge video game person either but lately I’ve been playing video games everyday because I have nothing else to do.

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