Distance Writing Day #2 — Julia Vassallo

I have two cats (Sugar and Pepper… both are girls) . They are basically my children.  A few years ago my family and I set up a pen in my backyard. Not like a 2 by 2 foot square, but a full on playscape. It was initially made for my older cat Bruce, but once he passed away my two girls inherited it. It had many holes and was damaged for quite a long time. So finally, after a year or so, my dad and I decided it was time. There’s nothing better to do anyway(he was off work too). We had to cut out patches of  fence (plastic chicken wire) and sewed it over the holes using fishing line. It was a very tedious process but I am so happy it is now over with. Lucky both of the felines like it and constantly “meow” to be let outside.

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