Distanced Learning Day 2

So, it is now day 2 of Distanced Learning. If someone told me I’d be taking online classes right now, this time, last year, I’d think either they were lying, or the world was ending.

But right now, I actually am in online school, and the world surely isn’t ending, but everything feels weird. Life has just been off lately.

March Madness has been cancelled. I am not even a basketball fan but, wow, that is crazy. Broadway is shut down. Jimmy Fallon is doing his show from home. I go to ShopRite with my dad and see people wearing masks and gloves, but I don’t even blame them. I was at a bagel shop (before everything closed down) and I saw they had special green bagels because of St. Patrick’s day. I checked the date and it was March 16th. St. Patrick’s Day would be tomorrow. I told my sister this, and we both started laughing. I mean, maybe it was just us, but we had forgotten that that holiday was about to take place. Life is so weird right now.

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3 thoughts on “Distanced Learning Day 2

    1. I’ve also seen Jimmy Fallon doing his show at home, Its so weird compared to his show, not a home.

  1. I feel life has been feeling a little odd right now. And I can agree, I also forget about St. Patricks day, I feel that because of this pandemic, we are becoming unaware of many things.

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