How things have been for me.

So far things have been well. None of us have caught the sickness yet although, we have come farley close to the virus. My cousins sister works at Norwalk hospital and she came home sick the other day. Although, she tested negative which is a big relief because we were farley close to her. At home is pretty boring, being trapped in the house is horrible although it does result in quality family time. The virus and there being no school and no sports has left a lot of open time on my hands. So I have been practicing a lot more soccer than usual. I really miss school and friends, and this online stuff is not the same to me. Some people are listening to government protocol while some are not. For example Norwalk CT seems unbelievably normal and busy it’s almost scary. People like these are the reasons everything is closing and we have no school. I feel if everyone would say home and ony go out for food or hospitality this would be much shorter. But I’m not even gonna lie. I am happy Chick Fil A is still open cause, that food is so good it’s like food heaven. I really miss everything and I want stuff to go to normal. If school is shut down for the year I feel like it would be weird not seeing friends for a year. Like how would they look like? Taller stronger obviously but will they have a new haircut? New friends? Will they have new hobbies?. I don’t know if it’d just be weird reuniting after a year.


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