Lucas Asanovic Quarantine Journal

The Weather today is amazing. The sun is out and the temperature is back up to mid 50s. Once I am done writing for this day I will be sure to go outside and hit some baseballs into my net. I have started to get used to this online school, and I finally mastered my schedule. I have figured out when to wake up, do my work, and relax or go outside. I have been trying to practice baseball as much as I can since the practices that we were having were cancelled until further notice. The season is coming up and I just want to be prepared to get right back into it and not be behind. I have learned to blast out my school work early in the morning to get it over with and then I can do whatever for the rest of the day. But if I find myself having nothing to do and I am bored out of my mind.  Then I will come back and do a little bit more school work and then I won’t have much the next day. For most classes I have also noticed that we were not just doing surveys to see how we were holding up, we are actually doing real work now and getting things done.

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