My mostly Random Thoughts

Well Here’s Day 2

I woke up around 5:30, I had forgotten to turn off my phone. As many teachers were assigning things in google classroom, my phone was getting many notifications. Phones can sometimes be annoying but they are also tools. Eventually, I rolled over and shut down my phone so I could get more sleep. I ended up getting up 2 hours t 7:30. I had gotten up out of my bed. Last night I had set a schedule for my computer but to my surprise, it had not turned on. I turned it on. After it was on I had another problem; the wifi wasn’t working. I walked downstairs to see that both my parents were already working. At first, I thought of writing my journal entry but I kept getting distracted by other assignments. 

I have been getting assignments that we had already done in class before or had just finished when we left. I wonder why these teachers are repeating the lessons when we had already turned them in

Also, some teachers are not giving any or very little work for us to be doing. This has given me a lot of spare time. I have been designing a base in oxygen not included(a game where you have to survive underground).

I have been doing some of this each day. 

A few minutes ago I got the assignment of submitting a google form for what my favorite part of middle school was.  I was troubled as I don’t have a single moment that was my favorite. I have many favorite moments in middle school but I think it is all about the journey. What middle school is is a jumble of good and bad. There were many many good moments but also there were other moments where I felt stressed, tired and doing too many jobs for one person. 

My mom has often said that I do too much and need to relax and leave something. I argue that this is just who I am. Even though it can be overwhelming I like the sense of accomplishment.I have to try to be everyone. In student government a leader and an organizer, In boy scouts a leader again but a teacher, in cyber patriot a team leader and coder and security expert. That’s not all. 

I look around in my room to see project medals awards. I have all of these things but never brag about them. I just have them in my room, as a reminder of what I had done. I look at these sheets of paper in my room. There is more to each of them. For instance, on my wall, I can see an award from the Connecticut invention convention for environmental engineering. It doesn’t say how I did it. How I spent Days trying to come up with the right name “The Bright Generator”.I’m not sure how I ended up there but I did

I seem to collect these awards not to brag about myself but to show what can be done. I understand that they are a symbol not of achievement but of the hard work that went into it. Almost as if they all recognized your hard work and not just the product. 

There are so many things I can write about but I decide to write about my thoughts. Our minds can be so intelligently focused and just forget. It’s how we were wired.  Everyone is different as everyone will make a mistake accomplish something different; there is always someone for that something and always an end to a beginning.

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