My Puppy Remi

For the last few days we have been doing yard work. A whole chunk of our yard doesn’t have any grass, it’s just weeds. So my dad bought a load of dirt to put down on top so we can then plant grass seed and hopefully have a nice grass-full yard.

My 4 chickens were roaming around the yard while my puppy Remi was on the leash attached to our porch. She didn’t like it. We wanted to let her off so she could run around and play in the yard but if we did she would probably go straight over to where the  chickens are and try to eat then, and that wouldn’t be too good. 

Remi is about 4 months old, we got her in January. She is only 19 pounds and she is so fluffy. She is mostly fluff. When we wash her she is so tiny and looks like a completely different dog, and you can see her eyes, which you usually can’t. She is a whoodle, a wheaten terrier mixed with a poodle.

While we were outside Remi was practically choking herself as she tried to get out of her leash. So, I put the chickens away and let her off the leash. She darted around the yard with her zoomies. We didn’t know what zoomies were until we got Remi. Zoomies are how some puppies let out energy. She just starts running and if you are in her way she will not stop for you. It is especially crazy when she does it inside because she will go everywhere no matter who is in your way. Me and my brother could be sitting on the couch and she will decide she wants to run across the couch and topple over us. Me and my brother Austin will get crushed but she just keeps on going. 

So while we were doing yard work she had the zoomies and then decided to lay on the dirt we put in the yard. She then decided to eat the dirt and we couldn’t stop her. We would pull her away but she kept on coming back to eat dirt. Once we were done we had to give Remi a shower, she was covered in dirt. 

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1 thought on “My Puppy Remi

  1. Aw, Remi sounds just like my dog as a puppy. Zoomies are always fun, especially when they step on your face while doing it 🙂

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