Part of Distance Learning: Day Two

So much for regretting posting pieces I wrote onto this. I guess I don’t really have a choice anymore, do I. Welp, here we go. Oh, gawd I hope no one actually reads this.



I don’t even know what to write about. I don’t remember if there was a certain topic we were assigned for today, so maybe I’ll just start writing a story.


No, that’s too difficult. I don’t even want to write anything lengthy right now.


Shoot, I really don’t know what to write about.


Twelve minutes left.




Oh, I know. I can talk about an “argument” of sorts my friend and I had with these two girls. Just as a forewarning, my friend and I didn’t originally start it. This was just after their mother (in their roleplay) had left the game (Roblox, don’t judge me). They were rude to us even before this fight, but that doesn’t matter as much here. They just strode towards us and said that my friend was ugly. Or both of us were ugly. Either way, someone was ugly. We told her (one of them was much more rude than the other, and I’m referring to the much-more-rude one) that she shouldn’t say things like that to people. It’s rude. And just mean in general. That’s when all heck broke loose. Basically the argument consisted of them calling me a gorilla; my friend ugly; and us both boomers (I don’t think they knew what the term “boomer” meant). There were also a lot of Mom jokes (yo’ mama left because you so ug-lay, etc.). It was really depressing. Even other people in the game were agreeing with me. They both had awful grammar (misplacing “their” with “there”, not using the correct form of “to”, and various other mistakes), and used the same “roasts” repeatedly. One of them even had the nerve to say that they “won the argument,” when they had walked (more like ran) away in the middle of it. My friend and I even said that neither side won it, but that wasn’t good enough. Later on, they both came back and started another quarrel between us, but that one didn’t last as long. They ended up getting adopted (again, roleplay) by someone who ended up roleplaying as an abusive parent.


Well they sure had a fun time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Emily. Anyone who misuses the there/their/they’re homophones deserve what they get 🙂

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