Quarantine Life


Every day in the quarantine feels like the same thing over and over with a few little changes. Every day I’ll wake up at around 11 o’clock and eat breakfast. I’ll go on a walk with my family around my house and I’ll see like 20 people on my street at once. Everyone wants to stay healthy and this is how everyone is doing it. If my school did online virtual school with webcams and stuff like that, I would be 50/50 on it. I would get to see all of my friends, but not really SEE them in person. I would have to wake up at a certain time that would probably be early, which I am not a morning person, and I wouldn’t get to make my own schedule. The thing I miss most about being quarantined is baseball. 2 weeks after school was canceled, my baseball team was supposed to start. This was going to be a new team I was playing on, but I had the twins Christian and Ian on my team so at least I knew somebody. My team was going to do lots of tournaments and I was really looking forward to that. Traveling around the state would be cool and going to other states too! At my house, I still throw with my dad every day, but I can’t get on a real field or hit in a cage or anything like that.To go with baseball, I have been playing a lot of video games. Npt that long ago, the main baseball video game came out. MLB The Show. It comes out every year. The only problem is that the game is only made for PlayStation and I have an Xbox. I wish I could play because I have played it a few times and it just feels so real and fun. I haven’t seen any of my friends in person since the last day of school. I guess we could hangout, but there’s not that much we could do. The work in school hasn’t been too bad. I just hope we can get back to school fast, but it doesn’t sound like it. 

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