Things I Did Over the Weekend

The past week I haven’t been doing much, but the things I have been doing have been keeping me occupied. Like I said earlier I went biking with Mary but other than that I have been watching some movies with my family, playing lots of board games (Jenga and The Game of Life) which are two of my favorite games to play.  Other than that I cleaned my house and especially my room, it was a mess!

 I did some food shopping with my mom and had to be very careful of not getting sick. When I went to Trader Joes we had to stand in a line outside and they only let 20 people in at a time, we had to wait in line for 10 minutes. I bought some boxes and did lots of baking including; brownies, cookies, and pistachio cake. 

One thing I don’t mind about online learning is we get to sleep in and get to spend a lot of time with my family which I enjoy doing. It’s hard adapting to no school but I go used to i as time went on I really want to head back to school as soon as possible

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