Distance learning Day 1

    Day 1:      John Samon


When I was in school I was so happy when I found out that we didn’t have to come back for another 2 weeks. But as the days went on I started to regret my decision of being happy. The first two days were fun until the virus got serious and we weren’t allowed to hang out with any friends. It got really boring but then we started to find stuff to do. For example my mom bought 5 2000 piece puzzles that we could do over the two weeks.  And then I remembered that my cousins also had an Xbox. My cousins and I would get on the Xbox and play online together. It would be me, my brother Joseph, my cousin Nunu and his brother Sansai. We were having so much fun playing Fortnight and getting wins over and over again. The next morning we woke up excited to play again with each other. We all hopped on the Xbox excited to play but then something terrible happened. It wasn’t working. We didn’t know what was wrong. Was it the game or if it was our Wi-Fi. So all-in-all we couldn’t play with each other we could only play by ourselves. But then later on we couldn’t even play with ourselves. The Xbox was totally broken. Nothing was working on the internet and it kept shutting down on us. But later we found out that it wasn’t our Xbox it was the router. So my dad went out and bought a new one. We replaced it and everything started working fine again. We needed a new one anyway if me and my brother and sister and my dad were all going to be working from home. We have been having fun since. After a while playing Xbox it’s healthy to go outside and get loose so that’s what we did. We had a similar routine throughout the whole entire day every day. My routine was I’d wake up, make my bed, eat breakfast, then after a little bit I would go on a run. And then as the day went on I would do puzzles and play more Xbox with my cousins. And then when it got to nighttime I would do 30 push-ups and 30 curl-ups and then go to bed. As the week went on my dad started doing yard work. After he said he was getting tired of it he would call us out to do it too. Now every single day before and after I get on electronics I have to pick weeds and pick up my dogs poop. Which is disgusting. My sister is in 5th grade and she uses the excuse that her hands are too small and she gets out of it every single time. I have a mastiff, so it is a big job.

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