Distance Learning Day 1

So far I have been really bored and just been spending a lot more time with my family like playing bored games with them or watching a movie. Also I have been playing basketball a lot more because I have a lot more free time because I’m not spending time with my friends because of the virus. Also I have been watching more movies and I have been going biking on near by roads by myself or with my family. I miss seeing all my friends every day and my teachers. We have also been spending more time with are animals. I have been waking up at like 8:15 which is nice and I have also been going to bed a lot later to but my mom makes sure to try and keep me on a normal school day schedule like waking up kind of early and then eating breakfast and then start working. It has also been nice because I have a lot more free time so I can try thing to see if I like them or not to try and start something new.

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