How I feel about COVID-19

The last time I was in school was March 12 on a thursday. It’s not March 23 and the month is almost over. I had felt that I was in school a decade ago, I miss school sometimes and seeing my friends. This huge virus is crazy, we are in a moment of history. We’re trapped in our houses or at least I am by my parents. I usually go on my phone and watch Netflix on my computer but yesterday my whole family picked up sticks and lit a bonfire. Yesterday the uv index was 5, which is actually high enough to get a tan. Today it’s currently snowing, what’s happening with the world! Mother Nature is going crazy. Online School started and i’m not too excited, is this what it feels like to be homeschooled? I want to go to school, see my friends and be able to learn normally.  Life doesn’t feel the same anymore, I miss my friends and I haven’t been able to socialize as much. Last night we had a family movie night, we watched Mamma Mia. It was the first time in a while when the whole family did something, we were usually busy. I stay up a lot later at night than usual since I don’t have a specific time to wake up at. I was really interested to do online video chats but then soon figured out we wouldn’t be doing that. I also went biking and I’m always tempted to bike now, I can’t wait for summer when all you do is hang out with friends and tan in the hot sun.

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