Never Ending Snow Day


During this break I’ve been waking up between 12 to 2 and it’s been pretty nice. Just like a never ending snow day.  I’ve been enjoying a lot of sleep.  The only problem with sleeping is that it’s hard to sleep at night. I can never fall back asleep after I wake up at like at 2:30.  Usually after I wake up, I eat breakfast. We usually go to Dunkin every day or something like that. I get a coffee and sometimes a bagel. That cheers me up but now Dunking is closed!!! 

After we get back, I usually get in a lax jersey and pants or shorts and grab my lacrosse stick and go right outside to my net. I need to stay active.  I play music and practice by myself or sometimes I call my neighbor over to pass with me too. We have to stay far apart. And I usually do that until I get called home from dinner.  It just feels like a never ending snow day. Boring. 

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1 thought on “Never Ending Snow Day

  1. Hey Brandon,
    I read this one because of the title you gave it. And then I recognized it from your first day of Distance Learning journaling. I hope you’ve continued to write a little bit every day, and that you’re doing well.
    Mr. Jockers

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