The First Day of it All

The Monday morning I woke up to was so boring. I looked out my window and witnessed harsh snowfall that kept on progressing. I was alarmed that it was snowing, in fact I thought I was seeing things at first. I have been well and cautious over this break. I’ve never wanted to attend school more in my whole life. I currently have been watching the TV show “All American” since I finished the TV show “Dexter.” Other than watching TV, I have been playing basketball and riding my dirtbike. I have been desperate for different ideas to keep me occupied over this quarantine. I think that this quarantine is necessary, but also I am upset about those who were acknowledged that they were ill, yet still decided to go out in public. I haven’t seen my mom in several weeks which has caused me to be homesick. Hopefully Wednesday I will see her. Anyways, my family has been staying healthy in this quarantine. I hope we can all go to school as soon as possible.

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1 thought on “The First Day of it All

  1. Christian- what’s up my boy?
    I’m sorry you have been missing your mom. It must be tough. I agree people shouldn’t be hanging out in public!!! We will never get out of here.

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