Distance Learning Day 6

It seems like everyday that goes by being stuck at home gets a little longer everyday. Yesterday I went out for a ride on my bike and saw a lot of people doing the same. It was nice getting out of the house for a change and hopefully I will get out again today. While stuck ay home i’ve been cooking a lot and making new things in my free time. I made this really good pumpkin pie over the weekend and I think it’s the best pie i’ve ever had. Another way i’ve been wasting time is watching Netflix i’ve seen so many shows and movies i’ve never seen before. One show I really like that i’ve been watching is parks and recreation and it’s really funny. It’s about this group of people that work in the parks and recreation department and they are trying to build a park in this lot that is just a giant pit. As the show goes on it gets a lot funnier but I haven’t finished it yet i’m only on season 2. If you haven’t watched I recommend it, it’s really funny. I also feel like the workload has been a lot heavier since we’ve left school but maybe it’s just me. Often times when I go outside on a walk I see way more wildlife as well as people. The other day I saw a fox run across the street and two deer. It was really cool because I rarely ever see fox out in the wild, it’s mostly only on TV.

My brother and I have also gotten a lot closer because of coronavirus. Since he goes to school before me and I get out after him we don’t talk much but I feel like we have been a lot more now that I see him all the time.  My dog chase got into a fight with what we thought was a possum yesterday and he got a big cut on his stomach so i’m hoping he gets better  within the next few days because we cant really bring him to the vet.  It’s not a big cut but we just don’t know if it’s infected or not so we’re praying for the best.  That’s all for today.

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