A Bundle of Thoughts

Today is Friday April 3, 2020. It has been a very scary few weeks. Our school got shut down until April 31st… But that will probably be longer. I hope that we can go back to school sometime soon. The number today is 1,033,478. Connecticut can only test about 20 tests in a day. Which is why the numbers are pretty low in Connecticut.  It’s really scary to think about… but it is the life we are living. The president isn’t doing much about it. I would say he doesn’t care that so many innocent people are dying every single day from this virus. Soon he will realize this isn’t “a drill” and might wipe out the entire world if we don’t try and stop it. As my mom would say this is the “zombie apocalypse.”  Which I mean she could be overreacting about this being so deadly. I mean it really only has been “out” for about 4 months now. This has only really shot up since March 12th.


Let me give you some background knowledge on this problem. Stores have shut down. They have canceled plans. All schools in Connecticut have been canceled. Next week we are going to start online schooling. Which might change the way education professors will look at snow days. If we can figure out how to do this then we can figure out anything in the education field. 

Right now we are self-quarantine and my mom isn’t letting us go anywhere because of COVID-19. She lets us run. But we aren’t allowed to see anyone including our extended family, I am excited because Mema is going to bake rye bread with us over facetime. 


Right now I am in 8th grade. Next year, I am going to be a freshman. If we don’t go back to school for the whole year. Thursday was the last school day with Lillian since she is going to go to a different school than me next year. We might not have graduation, I wouldn’t be able to see my friends for the rest of the school year because my mom isn’t letting me go out of the house and see other people. Which makes a lot of sense because we want to go back to school. If school actually closes for the rest of the year that means Thursday was the last day of eight grade, my last time seeing my teachers, the last day of middle school, the last day of walking the halls, the last day of spending quality time with my friends before 9th grade. I am hoping for the best. Well, I honestly don’t know what else to write, so I am going to go to stop and I will see you tomorrow, or on Monday. 

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