A Good Weekend

 It was surprisingly a good weekend. I got to run a lot, workout a lot, and bike a lot. I’ve also been shooting guns all the time. I’ve hit a couple of cans and some bullseye’s a little more than 100 yards away with some pellet guns and a suppressed sniper. I think i’m gonna start shooting my bow soon. The weekend was mostly good except for one thing.  

Me, my Dad, and my Mom went to clean my Dad’s truck out so my Dad backed it up in front of the garage, and then it broke down so now we don’t have any cars to go anywhere or do anything with. We also tried to jump start it but that didn’t work. So I’m in for another week of boredom, sense the only thing I have to get me around places is my bike.  

Over the weekend I realized that there’s no way we’re going back to school this year. I don’t even know if we’re going to have any summer camps or anything fun to do this summer. I wonder how long it’s gonna take anyone to find a cure. But I hope it’s sooner than later.

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