A Good Weekend

This weekend was a good weekend, one of the best I’ve had in a while actually.

Friday night we played charades for a very long time, and every team I was on, I won. I was quite happy about that. After charades, we did a scavenger hunt around the house. There was a lot of running and laughing and a lot of tackling, safe, though. That was the highlight of Friday and I was very happy. 

On Saturday, I went to play tennis with my family at the high school. I played against my dad and my mom played against my brother. I hadn’t hit against someone in the past week, so I was going to play a little bit bad. Which I did for the first set, I lost 2-6. The second set I won 6-2. Then we played a mini third set to a tiebreaker of 7 win-by-two, and I won 8-6. I was very happy the game was over because it was very hot, especially with all the running around and the fact that I had forgotten to wear shorts and I was wearing very heavy sweatpants. It was also movie night on Saturday. We watched Avatar, and I am so glad we did because now I can say that I have watched it. Everyone gets mad at me when I used to say that I have never watched Avatar, but now I have. It was very good and I liked it a lot.

Sunday we just relaxed all day and that was a good day too. I finally was able to finish talking to all the friends that I needed to and that made me feel accomplished. It was also a good dinner last night, we had pork chops and mac n’ cheese with broccoli. It was very delicious. We also did some more games, like Pictionary and Taboo. That was also really fun. I lost badly in all of them, though. That didn’t really matter to me because I was having so much fun with my family. I am just waiting to start a new week of learning and see what good things have to offer.

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