A Stump

Once upon a time, a little boy skipped across the meadow during a nice afternoon. Cool breeze skidded through the grass smoothly with not a single sound. The birds chirped loudly as they flew over his head. He put his arms out as an airplane and sprinted, trying to chase them. Eventually they dissapeared and the boy huffed, taking a break on a nearby stone.

He looked up to see he has entered the forest, and as he turned around, the meadow was gone. Dirt, branches, leaves were covering all around him on the ground. The boy was lost unknowing where to go. As he walked further into the forest, the shadows that sinked in front him grew darker. He shivered in fear as the wind began to whistle, as almost as it was taunting him. He finally gave up, in lose of hope, he sat on a nearby stump and cried.

“Ow!” shrieked a sound.”

The boy jumped up and fell over as he looked around.

“You boy, do you have manners of where you ever sit?” said the sound again. This time the boy saw the little stump was talking, and using it’s branches to make somewhat hand motions.

“Yo-you talk!” said the boy, terrified.

The stump stopped for about a minute, then laughed. “Why are you here? And especially why did you come to me?”

The boy looked at the stump to see if anything was unique. There wasn’t. No mouth, ears, nose, or anything was different about the stump. Just the branches wiggling around at him. Yes, he did wonder why he was here, and yes, he also wondered when did stumps learn to talk or even talk?

“Are you muted boy? C’mere it’s fine to sit on me now, but you should indeed tell me your story.” said the stump.

The boy wiped his tear, and smiled a bit. He sat on the stump looking down to see the branches stop wiggling. As he told his story, the stump looked as to making facial expressions as the rings on the stump began to change.

“So why can you talk sir?” asked the boy curiously.

“Well, when you type of people came to my family, they cut them down, and who knows to where! A little girl just like you fantasized a wand you know, and the next thing I know, I talked! The girl got scared and ran away sadly, but you seem to be different than everyone!”

The boy grinned, happy to hear something positive from the stump. Then the stump rings changed into somewhat serious face.

“You know, I should get you home.” said the stump.

“But I’m lost!”

“No you’re not, the trees shall guide you, listen to their branches and leave shuffle you, I will be there always to help.”

The boy got up, and began to walk to where he came from, and closed his eyes. It’s true! The branches wiggled in his vision pointing in a direction. They danced and waved as he continued to walk. The boy turned around one last time to see the stump sitting clearly in the forest. It waved with it’s tiny roots and grew silent.

The meadow came into distance as he ran into the grass falling over. It was as if he was making a snow angel but in the grass. What a story, he thought, and he happily closed his eyes and went to sleep.


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