A walk in the woods

It was early Sunday morning and I was on my way out to take my dog chase for a walk. We normally go on walks everyday but today I wanted to go somewhere new with him. So since the Audubon Society was I decided to take him there. We took a short route through Brett road then Aran hill eventually coming up on The Audubon. We entered through the back of a church where the trails started/ended. I took him up a long straight path that went on for a long time. I had never gone to the end of the path because I always take cuts onto different trails. We turned left onto a more secluded trail but a couple yards in we saw a couple walking through who waved to say hello. I saw a weird looking plant right after that that was a mix of purple and orange which was strange because I had never seen anything like it. A while after that we ran into another walker walking her dog and my dog is very scared of other humans, he wont go near them. But this dog really triggered him. He started barking non-stop and tried pulling me toward the other dog. me and the other owner both pulled our dogs back and apologized about how our dogs were acting. We reached a certain part in the trail and started backtracking where we came from because we wanted to head home. We made it out of the Audubon paths and had an easy walk ahead of us.

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