A zoom meeting.

I had a zoom meeting with my swim team group. That was fun. Then our coach told us who got the coaches award for the season. For the girls it was one of my friends Morgan and Jocelyn. For the boys it was CJ, who I think deserved it and then Alex. One of the most annoying and immature boys I know. Alex was splashing around in the lane acting like he was five. Not even joking. Well, he never went five apart, he was also so slow which was annoying as he would always touch our feet and drive Abby and I crazy. And he never would go in front of us. And the way Bill described Alex, was not a way that I would ever would. In my words, he’s annoying,immature, does not listen well and just drives my lane crazy. Practice is a lot calmer and happier when  he’s not there but when he is it can sometimes be good.

     But the way Bill described him was: Someone who wasn’t annoying, even though he was moved down a group as the team decided to switch from 6 or seven groups to combining into three or four main groups. It wasn’t even a good way. But as my coach was talking about Alex I was talking to my best friend Abby. I texted her privately on Zoom: I hope it’s not Alex. and then it was. Well I bet he is a pretty good kid at school (not though) but he was so annoying and immature and he would never go in front of Abby and I. Even though he was so annoying, he just didn’t have that much respect towards the other girls in the lane. I played frisbee with my brother while we waited for dinner to be ready and then we came back inside to eat dinner and then to help set/clear the table. 


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  1. I’ve had Zoom meetings for school and for church; I should have bought stock in Zoom when all this started . . .

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