Aphantasia — Julia Vassallo

Did you know there is a medical condition that refrains you from imagining things in your brain? I know… I was very surprised too. The people who have it cannot recall the taste, image or smell of things in their brains. There are varying levels though, like many medical conditions. Some people can imagine things but can’t recall the smell or taste of things. It is called aphantasia. Could you imagine reading a book and not being able to picture an image of its setting. These people rely on things such as characteristics of that particular item. For example, they know an apple is red and grows on trees(They have a memory) but can actually picture an image of it in their mind. I found all of this out from a video on YouTube a couple of days ago… If you are interested in learning more about this from the point of view from someone who does have this condition, click here to watch the video.

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