Corona season

  1. Today I got up in the morning around 10:00 and logged on to my computer and did most of my work in the morning which I like to do because I have lots of time to do whatever I want to do in the afternoon. After I finnish my work I went outside with my dad and we threw the baseball around. Then after a while my dad got tired and he went inside so I decided to take out my hockey net and shoot bored and shoot some pucks into my net. I found some apples so I decided to put them in front of the net so they would explode. They did not really explode but I did rip some chunks out of the apples after that it was time for dinner. After dinner I played some video games and I got bored so I turned on my phone and watched tik toks for like an hour andthen it was time for bed. It was the next morning. It was Saturday. I like to take my dog on a run on the weekends. My dog was very happy,  she loves running. After the run I made myself some pancakes and went back up into my room to play some nhl. I played for like 2 hour because I was in a tournament with my friends from hockey But I lost in the finals but I did not really care. That was mostly my friday and saturday.


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  1. Smacking hockey pucks at apples to watch them explode is probably something you never would have thought to have done unless you were in this situation, Graham. I do like the image of it, and I hope you enjoyed that. That’s how I remember a lot of my childhood: playing in the backyard by myself and inventing games 🙂

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