Coronavirus day one

Day one cases in CT 283: I am looking forward to starting school-like activities again. This past week has felt like a month. Yesterday I was tasked with untangling the christmas lights. There were 18 strings in all and it was like they were all glued together. While I was untangling them the lights often got stuck to each other. In all it took about an hour and a half. Over the course of the week I was slowly cleaning my room and rearranging it. I cleaned the corner by my closet where I stored all my un-built lego sets. I took out an entire table next to my bed. The table used to be covered in random things. I basically just stuffed everything into my closet which is almost impossible to close nowadays. I also moved over my dresser to put in a bean bag next to it. That is where I read. I cleaned out a long cushioned black box that was full of old things from when me and my brother were little. I then brought the box to my room and put all of my nerf guns in it. I also cleaned out a drawer in my dresser full of old clothes that don’t fit anymore and put my other nerf guns in it. Of course I have been on video games a lot and I am happy that school is starting up again because it is something else to consume my time.

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