Couple of Cupcakes :)

So I woke up today, ready to start the day. It’s the day that we start online schooling, I said to myself. So I made a plan (yes, I do make plans, I don’t know why) Anyways, the plan was to go on google classroom and make an agenda of all the work I needed to do and get it done, and maybe after i was finished I could bake some cupcakes and basically eat them all, because my brother was asleep the whole day I honestly didn’t think he would try anything stupid. He woke up at 8 pm, and my mom heard him making fries at like 5 in the morning, all of our sleep schedules are messed up, but that’s fine. So, I don’t really know what to talk about anymore, because I know that today is just gonna be a day full of sweets and lonely nights of watching the office. Oh yeah, I can talk about what I’m doing during corona time, so lately I’ve just been eating a lot of food even though most of the time  I’m not even hungry, but it’s just one of those things that you do when you’re bored. I also have been just watching a lot on Netflix, one of the shows in the 70’s show, it’s actually pretty good, and has a bunch of episodes to pass the time it has like 8 seasons. And I want to place a bet on the fact that I watch the whole show 3 times by the time that we get back to school. I honestly kind of miss school, and the fact that I can’t see any of my friends anymore sucks.

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1 thought on “Couple of Cupcakes :)

  1. Hi Isabel,
    I hope you’re well. I remember reading this at the beginning of our distance-learning journaling. I just hope you’re doing a little bit of writing each day (or even every other day).
    Mr. Jockers

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