COVID-19 Thoughts

I remember the day we got out of school being excited to not have to go to school for the next week. How we would have a week break out of school and then everything would pass over. Well, I was obviously so very wrong. I didn’t realize how scary, and stressful COVID-19 was at the time. 

It just spread so quickly. One minute there were 2,000 cases alone in the US. The next minute there were 337,309 cases in the US. It surprises me on how quickly it spread and how easily China was able to get it to slow down. 

The population of China is about 1.4 billion. The population of the US is about 329 million. That means China is about 4 times more populated than the US. So how did they stop it even with their huge population? The Coronavirus started in China in December of 2019. Now, in April 2020 they have just gotten out of quarantine. That’s about 5 months. They also went on an 8 week complete isolation too.

For the US we didn’t really take COVID-19 that seriously in February and we started taking it more seriously in March, but still not enough. It’s now April. 5 months from now would be August. But, China is a lot bigger so maybe it would be 4 months for us, so that would be July. If we go on a complete 8 week isolation now, maybe we could clear the Coronavirus by June and enjoy our last, about, 2 weeks of school and have a fun summer. 

Yes, that’s probably unlikely. But, that is how China was able to get out of quarantine and stop the spread faster. 

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