Daily Life Changed for Me


My day so far has been pretty boring like any other day in quarantine. After I am finished with all of my online school work, Lilah and I are going to go to Starbucks, drive-thru of course. Last night I slept over my mother’s house that is about 3 streets away from mine. I also had pancakes with bananas for breakfast and just some water. After that I just went to my room and started to do my work. I am wishing to go outside today and do some outdoor activities like just taking a walk with my dogs or family. I usually walk my dogs down a really long trail, that is why I didn’t really get to write a lot in the morning. Usually when I walk them, they somehow manage to find a pond or any body of water and start rolling around in it. Later they come out all dirty and shake all of the water on me or someone else’s dog.It feels like I now see more people walking around more usually now, since they don’t really know what to do. I am glad to see this and I am glad to see myself doing this too.I find myself actually much happier than I did the previous days, and I do not know why.I wonder what It will be like at the end of this. I know that I will still be skeptical when I go to the public when all of this will be over.I have heard that there are now 97 positive cases in only Westport. (Now it’s growing) I am curious about what is going to happen next since my mom works at Westport. Gladly she doesn’t do anything besides take care of somebody that is home all day. But what about the people with the virus that have not been tested? There are still people out there unknowingly have the Coronavirus. But those are the only things that I can think about, other than that I am stumped on thinking of something else.


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3 thoughts on “Daily Life Changed for Me

  1. It is very nice to hear that you have been much happier these days and your daily routine sounds very fun!

  2. I was thinking about that too, there is probably a lot of people who have the virus and are carriers and just don’t know it, spreading it around.

  3. I think that skepticism will continue long after this thing passes, Daniel. It’s going to be weird to go to things like concerts again, where everyone is packed into a small room like sardines. Even photographs of the voting primary in Wisconsin from yesterday were very strange.

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