Day 1 of not going to school.

Today I was nervous because I did not know what to expect. I was looking forward to doing the online school because I like having things to do. 

Lately I have been going outside and building. I just finished a wooden clock that I have been trying to build for a while now. I was very upset because it is not working and I do not know why. But I still very much enjoyed building it. I have also been going outside. Yesterday I went mountain biking at Huntington state park with my dad and my brother and it was very fun. The last few days I have been putting up my hammock on trees in the woods and resting there. I found it very comforting because I would lay there in the warmth and listen to all the noises in the woods. 

I find it crazy that it is snowing today. I was amazed to wake up with the snow falling because we had barely any snow in the winter and now it’s snowing this spring. I find this crazy. I do hope we can go back to school because I love being able to be with people and miss not being with people. I also hope we can at least do virtual school if we can’t do real school so we can at least see each other.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 of not going to school.

  1. That’s awesome that you’re building a clock! How are you making it? Are you carving it from a lump of wood?

  2. Mountain biking at Huntington Park sounds fun. Also, I think laying in a hammock in the woods would be nice especially during these times.

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