End of the Week

This week went by fast and I am very thankful for that. I’m very glad to have the weekend here already. Today I didn’t have much work, this is my last thing to do. Well, I am going to do the rest of my reading later but for now, this is the last thing. Overall, I actually kind of like doing work on google classroom but I definitely prefer to be in the classroom. 

Today, once I finish my homework my brothers want to practice volleyball with me which I’m really happy because 1, we have not done that since the summer so it will be nice, 2, I’m glad they actually want to hang out with me and 3, I’m happy to go outside since it is such a nice day today. It is going to be in the 60’s, well really high 50’s but it’s reaching 61 today. 

Yesterday I went on a very long walk and it was absolutely amazing out. It was warm but when I got a little hot there was a nice breeze, I really enjoyed it. I’m probably going to go on another one today considering the amazing weather. 

I don’t know about my plans for this weekend, maybe I’ll make something, play volleyball with my brothers, and most likely help out and clean up around the house. 

Since my birthday is in exactly a week, my mom wants me to pick out a cake for her to make. I’m not the biggest fan of cake but I also don’t hate it. I can’t really get cakes from bakeries with my nut allergy because pretty much everytime we ask for ingredients they are never fully sure or they make it on the same equipment that they used to make things with tree nuts so we normally just play it safe and make something at home. But last year for my birthday my mom and I called baskin robins and they made a custom cake so there wouldn’t be any cross contamination and it was actually a really good cake. But, if we can’t do that this year, with everything going on,  maybe I’ll just ask for brownies even though that’s not a cake. I’m actually really excited even though I cant spend it at school which I honestly don’t know why I like having it at school, maybe it’ll be fun this year. Maybe we can watch a movie that night. Hopefully it’s nice out on my birthday.

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