One day I was sitting at home minding my own business playing FIFA when I remembered that the TOTY (Team Of The Year) event was out. The team of the year event is an event where certain people vote on who was the best in their position throughout the entire year. Then there is a whole team of 11 of the best players chosen from that year. These players get insanely good cards that range from 93-99 rated. There was the defender group which was Left Back, two Center Backs, Right Back, and Goalkeeper. These were usually the lower rated cards and the ones that had the 93 rated cards. Next there was the Midfield group; this group had players like Center Mid, Center Attacking Mid, and Center Defensive Mid. These players were in the middle pack in terms of ratings as the players were usually rated around 95 rated. Finally there was the best of them all the Attacking group. This group consisted of the best Left Wing, Right Wing, and Striker of that year. These players got super high rated cards ranging from 96-99. This year the attackers were Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonel Messi, and Harry Kane. That day the attackers were in packs. I was bored and I had a lot of FIFA points so I chose to open one 15K pack. A 15K pack was not a good pack. You usually didn’t get anything good, and only got 84 rateds. But then as I opened the pack I saw it was a walkout. A walkout is a player that is so good the walk out on the screen after you get them. I was already super happy when I saw the walkout but then I saw a blue flare and my body stopped moving. When the player revealed itself I saw that I had gotten the striker, Harry Kane. He was a 96 rated and was one of the best cards in the game. He sold for 2 million coins and I made an amazing team with all the coins. That is how I got one of the best players in the game from one of the worst packs in the game.

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  1. I love all of the sports games. I play some madden and that’s a lot of fun even though I suck. I’m an 87 overall and I’m currently trying to upgrade my running back Austin Ekelar from an 88 to a 92 for a little boost in my offense.

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