I don’t like coronavirus

I was really excited when school closed at first, but that excitement didn’t last long. The weekend waswas good at first, a few friends could hangout and I was allowed to go out.but then the week came, my parents went back to work, friends weren’t allowed to hangout, and i got bored, my bike had flat tire so i couldn’t go on it and i didnt have my xbox to play on. I just wanted to get back in school so I could be doing something besides staring at my phone. Half way through the week I started to help my dad work on the house, we were remodeling our kitchen. That didn’t last long though because I stepped on a nail and I needed to let that heal. This break is not what i thought, i really don’t like it and i am really trying to find activities to do that don’t involve looking at my phone because i don’t enjoy that.

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