I just want this to end.

This whole corona situation is still crazy to me. Imagine if six months ago someone said to you, “In six months a huge virus will be going around killing people. You’ll also be trapped in your house for an undetermined amount of time, and everything will get shut down.” It sounds like some type of movie. 

I feel awful for the people who lost someone to this virus. It spread so sudden that it was hard to keep track of. One day it seemed like it would be something that comes and goes, like a rumor, until things got really bad where countries got shut down. 

I really want all this to go away for multiple reasons. First it’s harming and killing many people, I really miss my friends and my family, and it would be awful if this lasted in summer. 

It gets so boring when you have to stay in your house. You find yourself doing the same things over and over again, like maybe practicing sports. Even if it’s still fun, it’s nice to do more than a couple things. For example, yesterday instead of boxing or playing video games, I was playing basketball for 2 hours outside. Today, before it started raining, I was looking forward to skateboarding. Of course it then started raining, so I stayed inside.

Another problem with being bored is you get hungry faster because there is nothing to do, so you just have one snack, which can lead to three. Other than all that, I really like distance learning. 

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