It’s great to know that when everything falls apart, animals are just too lazy to go anywhere

Throughout this break, I’ve spent the vast majority of time around my “children”. My dog would curl up next to me on the couch managing to take up a confusing amount of space. And when she’s not begging for my food, she’s begging for the food we leave out for the chickens. And when she’s not begging for that food, she’s trying to eat… something. But when she’s not trying to eat… whatever she’s trying to eat, she’s sleeping. And when she sleeps she snores. It’s the cause of a lot of stifled laughter. But I suppose she’s better behaved than my kitten. Naturally we had to adopt a little troublemaker with separation anxiety. Naturally. Ever since she was old enough to leave my brother’s room (originally she was his cat), she practically glued herself to me. Wherever I am she needs to be there too. So if I’m in my music room (Originally the guest room but… well not anymore) and the door is closed, which it usually is, she’ll run right into the door and try to open it. If that doesn’t work she’ll start crying and meowing. Really loudly. Like to the point where I can’t drown her out with any of my instruments. And even though she seems smart she’s really an adorable idiot. Somehow she manages to get lost in my basement and everyone will be eating dinner and we’ll be talking (and we are quite a loud family too) and all of a sudden we’ll just hear her crying and screaming. It’s quite entertaining. And don’t get me started on mice. Or mouse cause there was only one- just got in multiple times. Sneaky little thing. Because she’s a cat, she’s been able to catch this one mouse at least three times. But she leaves it alive. And drops it off to me. The first time, I was in the family room- it was just my brother and I- and she dropped it next to me and looked at me as if she was saying “Look Mom I did it! You proud of me?!” And, for lack of a better description I lost it. I started freaking out and my brother had to bring the mouse outside. Of course, because she’s a cat, she’s done this multiple times. But I love them both. No matter what crazy things they get up to.

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1 thought on “It’s great to know that when everything falls apart, animals are just too lazy to go anywhere

  1. My cat used to do the exact same thing with the exact same look on her face. So proud of herself. They are interesting creatures . . .

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