My Last Season

This year was my last year playing reba. Not that I’m quitting basketball but that I’m going to high school next year and that means no more middle school league. I still remember the first day I walked into that gym in the fifth grade. Redding kids on one side Easton kids on the other. Never talking just making quick glances at each other hoping to get a closer look on who was about to become their teammate for the next 4 years. 

I don’t really quite remember what my friendships looked like those 3 years leading up to our last but somehow we all became so close. Basketball has opened my eyes into how much love a sport can bring. I hope that in high school my team can be a family just like me and my team are now. 

I wish I got to have my banquet one last time. Celebrate with my girls. We might have lost in the playoffs and it might have hurt but through all the wins and losses, I met them, and that was the biggDon’t get me wrong I’m excited to play in high school it just feels like my last season never really got the ending I’d always thought we deserved . Not that anyone really deserves anything you have to work for it but we never even got to play our last game. And, win or lose, I believe that’s something every team should at least get a shot at. 

I’ve met some of my best friends on that team and it’s helped me get to know people I never would have known without it. It was nice making all those new friends while also bonding over something we all love together. 

est win I could have ever imagined.
So maybe we didn’t win the championship like i’d always imagined. And maybe we weren’t an all star team but without my team I can’t imagine myself being truly happy. Without basketball I can’t imagine myself having much to look forward to. So if I were to give my advice to any girl or boy who’s debating on playing  a sport maybe because it’s new to them, or they’re scared, or they just don’t know. I say do it. Because who knows maybe that team and that sport is exactly what you’re missing. 

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1 thought on “My Last Season

  1. Kaitlyn? This is you, right? (I’m assuming you changed your username in order to access the blog.) Anyway, I enjoyed this piece. Keep looking ahead to the future. But I do feel badly for all the kids in situations like this: missing out on performing in a play, on sports seasons, banquets, proms, etc. All that stuff. I know it’s hard. We just have to stay safe now and know that things will return to normal someday and when they do life is going to be so much better.

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