Not Such a Normal Birthday

It’s my brother’s birthday today! He’s turning 18. This means exactly one month till my birthday. I can’t wait for my birthday, but I can wait because I wish it was later in the year so I might be able to see my friends. Well tonight, I am having pizza which is one of my favorite foods. For my brother’s birthday, we zoomed with the rest of my family. Just so they could hi and we could all see each other. For my brother’s birthday, we all got him a MacBook. He wanted one really bad so he could do his school work, but now he’s going to college. That day, I went on a really long walk with my sister. I go on a walk everyday, but this one was longer. It helps me stay active and keep my muscles moving. I just want to have baseball back so I can go back to playing what I love. If my birthday is like this, I don’t know what I’m going to do. The only way I am seeing my friends is from social media and texting.. Again, today, my dad and I threw the baseball because I got a new glove and wanted to break it in. When I get back on the field and ready to play, the glove will be all set and ready to use. The glove I have is one of like 250. It was the glove of the month because it was a fan made color and everyone loved it. It is light blue and black and matches my team uniform. At my house, my dad has this thing for baseball that he holds up and I hit. IT is the same shape as a baseball and is like four or five feet long. This helps me alot because without this, I wouldn’t be able to actually swing and hit. On the news, they are saying the next two weeks are going to be really bad. I don’t know how long we are going to be like this, but it better end soon. 

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