Quarantine has get to me

After I found out that we weren’t going to go to school till April 20th, I wanted to do something with my hair since literally no one is going to see me because of quarantine. I asked my mom if I could cut my hair up to my shoulders and she did not want me to cut my very long hair. But, after lots of persuasiveness and begging to both my parents, they finally gave in but in only one condition, my mom has to cut it for me and decide the length. The reason why my family , especially my mom didn’t really want me to cut my hair was because I have always had the thickest and longest hair, and for some reason, they don’t think it will grow back the same as it used to. 

So, at 12 am in the morning, after watching the second Avengers movie, Age of Ultron (one of my family’s favorites), I didn’t want to wait one more day without short hair. I wet my hair with a water spray bottle until it was completely soaking wet. I went up to my mom and asked if I could cut my hair right at that moment. We then both went to the bathroom, with my sisters watching and recording this horrifying moment, my mom lined up my hair behind my back and started cutting it from right to left. She was planning on not cutting it too short, but since my hair was wet it seemed longer and straighter than it actually was. So my mom ended up cutting much more than she anticipated to. Although I loved the results, she wasn’t a big fan of it. Today was my first full day of wearing my very short hair and I fell in love with it even more and so did my sisters and dad. Though my mom says she still misses my old hair, I can tell that she likes it.

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8 thoughts on “Quarantine has get to me

  1. Omg, love it fazila. so amazing, and interesting. I love the avengers, we should watch it together, with so much snacks (muffin, string cheese, water, french fry, kiwi, bacon, mac and cheese, apple pie, pepperoni, blueberry, sushi)

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