Quarantine to Harry Styles

It’s the 9th day of Distanced Learning. This week has gone by so much faster than the previous week, but I don’t really have an explanation as for why that is.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. My dad only goes to work every other day now, so he was at home with me yesterday. We went on a pretty long walk with my dog which was nice. Other than that, my day was pretty normal. For being quarantined.

Lately, I’ve been listening to Harry Styles very often, and he’s grown to be one of my favorite artists. It’s crazy because me and my sister (mostly Sydney) loved One Direction when we were younger, and we even saw them in concert once. Today, Harry Styles is solo,  and we are still both fans, and will be seeing Harry in concert in October!! Sydney’s birthday present was tickets to Harryween, a Harry Styles concert the day before Halloween, and we are both super excited.

Harry’s newest album, Fine Line has some of my favorite songs at the moment. My favorites from Fine Line include “She”, “Lights Up”, and “Falling”, but that was very hard to choose. Sometimes Sydney plays Harry Styles in the car, and my dad really likes “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry, which is another really catchy song. I also really like his other album.

My timer just went off a few minutes ago, and I don’t know why I went off on a tangent about Harry Styles.

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1 thought on “Quarantine to Harry Styles

  1. That sounds really nice that you spent some time with your dad, I bet he enjoyed being with you. And I’m starting really like Harry Styles’ music too!!

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