She’ll eat anything except pretzels.

It’s 11:20 in the morning and I am starting my journal. Yesterday was my birthday and it was pretty good but I wish we weren’t so stuck inside of our houses.

For dinner we got mexican food from a place called La Fonda. I got steak enchiladas and they were so good but so spicy. 

My brother and dad both got burritos and they were huge! The burritos were as big as their faces and somehow my dad finished his. 

We also got chips and guac which was super good so that was nice. I also got a drink called Horchata. It tasted like really cinnamony milk, it was pretty good.

For my birthday I got lots of candy, I got a curling iron, a new chair for my desk in my room, and I got a few books. 

I got lots of snacks and candy from my friends because it’s pretty hard to get stuff for the corona virus but all my presents were great.

My mom made me keep the thing from my friends outside for hours. And then when she let me bring them inside she made sure I put them in a spot that you could easily clean. She sprayed everything and I had to wipe them all down.

From Ella I got a necklace she made for me that had my name imprinted in it and from Charlotte I got an amazing card. Each year on Charlotte’s birthday she somehow always finds the best card for my birthday.

Some of my friends call me Avocado so for the last few years Charlotte gets me avocado themed cards.

This year it said, “Today is your birthday Lets guac and roll,” and it had an avocado on the front.

On the inside there was a super small magnet and she said that she will get me a present soon but for now enjoy this magnet.

While I opened any of my presents Remi would stand over my shoulder and any time I put down a piece of wrapping paper she would grab it and run, it was pretty funny. Remi will eat literally anything except for pretzels. I was eating a pretzel one time and she was whining at me trying to get it so I gave her one. She tried to eat it but she just spit it out. I wonder why she’ll eat anything except pretzels, I think they’re pretty good.

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  1. im glad you had a good birthday well atl least as good as it could be and im glad you liked my card

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