Social Distancing

This week I have been bored out of my mind. I know social distancing from my friends and family is for the greater good but it’s still very hard to motivate myself to get out of my cozy bed and do something each morning when I know I wont be able to leave this house. 

My mom keeps talking about the pandemic that the world is going through but I don’t really know much about how the corona virus is affecting our community and the people in it. I haven’t really bothered to look it up but I think I will now considering how serious it has gotten. I feel selfish for not caring enough to look into it earlier just because it wasn’t directly affecting me. Better late than never I guess. 

This week I haven’t done much. My mom keeps trying to drag me and my brother out of the house for quality time at some state park or hiking trail she can somehow manage to find open even in all this madness. The two times we actually did manage to get out of the house were nice, the spots as well as the quality times we spent together. We went to this beautiful state park in westport by the ocean. I’m not quite sure what it was called but it was gorgeous. I love the ocean and since I haven’t seen one in what feels like an integrity any site of the dark blue waves gets me that much more excited for summer. If we even have summer.

That’s what I hate the most about this whole corona situation. The uncertainty. The uncertainty that I will get to have my eighth grade graduation. The uncertainty that we will even get back to school this year. The uncertainty of how much worse or better it’s going to get for people in not only Easton, or America, but the world. It’s scary. But I think If we all stay quarantined hopefully this virus will die off. But it’s especially hard because a lot of people aren’t staying quarantined. They think this is some kind of break off from school just for fun to go hang out with their friends. I admit I was like that too in the beginning of when we first got off from school. But sitting through my moms constant nagging lectures about why it’s important to social distance I’m finally starting to realize the importance of it all. I hope this is all over soon. 


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