It’s 2011, I’m in kindergarten and I live in Stratford. Today I was going to Alyssa’s house, Alyssa was a close friend of mine and we lived pretty close to each other. Alyssa had a cool doll house and always had the best toys, she had a twin brother, David. For our play date it wasn’t just us, our other friend Julia was joining us. I remember having such a hard time making plans with her because she was always busy, so us three all being together was so exciting! We all play around in the house and play make believe, we soon head outside and we run around. Alyssa’s dad was out and so was David. We were all playing tag and David was holding a plastic gun, while running too. They also had a bridge in their backyard which was so fun and pretty. While trying to tag David he crosses the bridge running into me at full speed with his plastic gun hitting my face. I start crying and blood is all over my face, Alyssa’s dad quickly gets me a towel and calls for Alyssa’s mom. We clean up the blood on my face and we head inside to rest while they call my mom.

“Would you like some water?” her mom asks.

“Yes please” I answered.

My mom comes and we head straight to the hospital, we get there pretty fast and we wait until a doctor can assist us. I go into a room and I am informed that I need stitches, I am so scared, I wanted to jump right out of my body. While we wait for the doctor to get all the materials together, Alyssa’s family comes to visit us and Alyssa hands me a drawing she drew for me. I was so happy and they soon left and I had to get my stitches. I can’t really remember what else happens but that’s the time I got stitches.


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  1. That must of been so painful! I like how you made this a story and how you added dialogue. This made the story sound better.

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