The Day I got off Crutches

I’m gonna write about a couple days ago when I got off crutches. So I woke up feeling actually pretty good cause my ankle was hurting so I just thought to myself wow that’s a good sign. So I sat down and started watching TV and my brother was already up at this point. So I just had a thought come to mind and it was “hmm since my ankle didn’t hurt when I woke up. Maybe I could try and walk on it.” Because beforehand I had been putting some weight on it the days earlier so i knew it could have been done. But I decided to wait till my parents got up so they could agree with the idea. I waited about another two hours and got a little bored so i just decided to start doing some of the exercises the physical therapy place told me to do with a band they gave me. Then they finally woke up and I told them the idea and that it was fine if I just took it slow. So I got up and put the crutches next to me just in case and I put my right foot down. It felt so weird like I had not learned how to walk yet. Then I transferred my weight and “boom” I felt but not because of pain but because it was so weak, so that was a relief. So I got up and again right foot but this time I held onto something just for some extra help and left then right again and before I knew I was back on my feet. Wow how relieved I was and excited I was. My mom was super excited and happy for me as was everyone else. Although it wasn’t anywhere near 100 percent but it was still walking and I was so grateful and done with those horrible crutches.

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1 thought on “The Day I got off Crutches

  1. I’m glad to hear that you can walk without crutches. I have never used crutches so I don’t really know the feeling of finally being able to walk without them, but I can imagine you were really excited.

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