The Dirt Pile

This week our family finished up a big project that my dad started in the fall. He made three huge raised plant beds. One for my brother, one for my sister, and one for me. We can each choose what we want to plant in them. My dad and my brother want to plant hot peppers in their plant bed and my sister wants to plant strawberries, lettuce, cucumbers and flowers. A whole variety. I am still figuring out everything that I want to plant. So far, I am thinking about watermelons, strawberries and potatoes. Our project today was filling the beds with top soil. And these beds are really big. One of them is three times the size of me. So, it takes a lot of topsoil. My dad got one of his friends to deliver a HUGE pile of topsoil in our driveway. We got a cart and did trips back and forth from our driveway and then to the plant beads, which were on the other side of the back yard. We then had to shovel dirt into the cart and push it up ramps up to the plant beads and then dump it in. This took us three days to finish and we still have a lot of topsoil in our driveway. I can’t wait to hear where my dad wants us to dump everything that is left.

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