The weekend

I really tried to get myself hurt this weekend so on saturday I was minding my own business, but at 3 I get a call from my dad he said was do you want to ride this machine I asked if it was dangerous I said yes so I got there as fast as I could I scooter out there because I have a freakin too long driveway and my dad was closer to the road than are house So I got out there it was the meachian that flatten dirt and crushed rocks he was using it because he redid that part of thee driveway finally there were like 3 dishes there but anyways so I was standing on the engine of the michigan and my dad was pushing itb I almost fell of multiple time but I didn’t At some point I wanted to get the mail and there were 3 small packages so I thought it would be fine with all 3 in my hands I got on the scooter and 3 seconds later I hit a rock I ripped my hands up a little but that was it I brought the packages to the front door and then spent another 20 minutes on another machine. 

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