Trapped Inside

Today I went outside and enjoyed the beautiful day. I also helped my brother with some yard work, which took forever. We racked all the dead grass and planted new seeds. We might as well do something other than sit inside all day! I miss communicating with everyone and laughing with my friends and teachers. It also made me think how lucky we are to have the school we go to. I really hope we can go back to school soon to be like old times. When we first got out of school I was excited, and now I’m begging to go back. Its not the same at home. You’re working in your bedroom on a computer screen for who knows how long. Something I’m thankful of is the school won’t be added on, I think that’s right because It’s not our fault that the virus goes this far. Here was nothing we could do.

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4 thoughts on “Trapped Inside

  1. Schools have worked, from day 1 of this, to try to get us e-learning, so we didn’t have to lose a large portion of the summer, the issue was that there are a lot of complicated laws, surrounding it, making it hard to get a waver to do so. While it is frustrating to not be able to see our friends and teachers, we have to remember in these hard times, that everything is being done for our safety.

  2. I agree, when we first found out we had off of school I was happy because I thought I could just see my friends and go out but it got worse and worse and we cannot do that. I’m also wishing we could just be back in school right now.

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