Who should Die?

In the US there are 337,309 cases of Corona virus as of April 6 2020 and nearly 10,000 people dead. Of those 337,309 cases a estimated 20% of them will need to or have been hospitalized. That is 67,461 hospitalized people, the US has 100,000 open ICU hospital beds for those 67,461 people, but those 67,461 people also require ventilators and there are only 62,188 ventilators in the US. That means that already doctors have to choose 5,273 people that are going to die, but who should they choose.

The obvious choice would be old people who have maybe a year or two left to live, but what happens when so many people get infected that doctors have to choose between babies or other young people. Who do you choose, a 2 year old or a successful college student studying to become a doctor that helps out at a local homeless shelter on the weekends. Or how about a 6 year old child with aids vs a 6 year old child with autism. If people don’t get corona virus under control quickly, doctors will have to start making these choices, choices they don’t want to make because after all why should they choose who lives and who dies, when it is the people who think Corona virus is a conspiracy and people who refuse to wash their hands or social distance that is really killing them.

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3 thoughts on “Who should Die?

  1. Kai, nobody should have to die in my opinion, but people do so I completely agree with you. Did you know that they’re asking RETIRED doctors to come and help with the insane amount of people infected by COVID-19? They’re basically asking, “Hey, wanna die?” I just think that this contradicts everything that most of the population agrees with, old people are more vulnerable to getting it, but younger people have more to live for. I mean, even though we would want the older people to have it over younger people, we still wouldn’t want to put people’s lives on the line, they’re people too. We should just try to limit this at all costs.

    Also, fun fact. Parents recently gave birth, and you know what they decided to name their twins (boy and girl)? Corona and Covid. GG’s for those kids.

    1. Justin, are you referring to the twins in Jaipur, India? Because if you are, then I’ve heard of the news as well.
      After all, the names ‘Corona’ and ‘Covid’ are quite viral, don’t you think?

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