I woke up at 4 and noticed my LED lights were off. Is this a power outage? Did it just unplug? Well I didn’t know this was a predictor for the future. Fast Forward 6 hours. I was still sleeping. My mom and brother were downstairs working on stuff. Then all of a sudden I heard the power shut down and my mom freaked. She is a teacher and couldn’t work. I could not do Google Classroom  so I was relieved. I didn’t have to do work.

I think Wifi/technology is the most import thing because I am always on my phone and computer and when the power went out I realized I  couldn’t  communicate with my friends or school at all and I was stuck with nothing too do because its not even like I can go outside and play because of quarantine. Technology is more important than ever now.

Anyway, I went back to bed since there was literally nothing to do. The wind was loud and it turned out that my neighbor’s tree fell down. It took literally all day for the power to go back on. I felt like I was in prison because no power and QUARANTINE? So I just slept and hoped I would have enough power on my phone when I woke up. I feel like I’m awake at night and sleeping in the day which is weird. This virus has changed everything.  

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3 thoughts on “WIFI

  1. That’s crazy, I never heard about anybody losing power, that must have been miserable. Did anyone else around you loose power too?

  2. wow never heard anything like it and at least you didn’t have to do school work. your right about one thing the internet is everything right now

  3. Brandon,
    I have been thinking, What would happen if the whole Internet infrastructure just crashed right now? That would force everyone to really change how we are living. . . . You’re not allowed to go outside during all of this?
    Mr. Jockers

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