Pros and Cons of Quarantine

Today was just a typical quarantine day. I made a whipped coffee, played some tennis, and played some video games with my little brother. I also can’t forget about making Tik Toks with my siblings. 

It was a fun day overall. Something new I did was playing a board game with my family. On a summer vacation two summers ago, my family stayed in a nice beach house in Delaware. During our trip we would go to the beach, have great food, and later in the day we would all have a fun family game night. We played the game Scattergories each night. In the game, there were different categories and for each category, you would have to find a letter that began with that certain word. Since my mom told me and my brother we were allowed to buy a game, we knew that Scattergories was the right choice. We played tonight and it felt like we were back in Delaware.

We have definitely had much more time to do family activities because of quarantine. Although we are missing one family member. Unfortunately, my oldest brother has to stay in Philly, where he works. His work is very important, so his company would never let him miss it. We all miss my brother and we hope he is staying safe. It’s just crazy because I’ve never spent this much time with my older siblings, not including summers, because they are always at college. Don’t get me wrong… I love family time. I just can’t wait to see my friends and get back to normal life again.

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3 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Quarantine

  1. We’ve been playing Scattergories, too, Mary. I thought I’d be better at it, but I’m actually not very good at all; my children usually win. It’s amazing how my mind goes blank nearly every round.

  2. If the letter is “E,” for example, I’ll think of a word, say “ear,” and then I won’t be able to think of any other word. And “ear” only works for so many things (actually, just one: according to game rules).

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