Wake up call

The sun rose on a peaceful Saturday morning on the twenty first day of July. I was ready to have a nice, relaxing day. I haven’t had a free day like this in a while because I’ve had soccer all spring, and baseball most of the summer. So it felt good to finally just get to relax. 

Just as I went back to bed I heard footsteps coming down the hall towards my room. 

“Why are people walking around the house at seven in the morning?” I thought to myself. The footsteps stopped and I went to lay back down but then the room to my door busted open and I got up too see who it was and it was my dad. He looked like he was in a huge rush. I wonder why?

“Liam, they moved your semifinal game to 8:00 this morning. Get ready we have to be there at 7:15 for warm-ups.”

“Why? Why would they do that?” I thought to myself, angry inside.

I was supposed to have my first Playoff game NEXT saturday, but I guess that there was an issue with that, so they moved it to today. So, I guess that means no free day. 

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1 thought on “Wake up call

  1. Liam: This piece of writing is confusing. Is it a dream? Is it a memory? Are you the only person in American currently still participating in youth sports?

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