Quarintine dream

I woke up to the sound of an alarm like noise coming from my kitchen. It was saturday, April 4, 2020, and I hadn’t left my house in a few weeks, and I was getting tired of it.

I was tired, and with a noise like this waking me up was not very pleasing. I had been sleeping in until at least 10:30 almost every day for the past week, so being woke up at 7:24 A.M. was not fun.

The alarm noise was alarming to me, so I decided to get out of bed and see what was going on. I stumbled out of bed just to fall on the floor, because I tripped on the baseball sitting right next to my bed.

I got up, with a little mark on my left arm from the baseball, but I was ok. I ran towards the noise, hoping it would stop. I was worried that something was on fire, like the stove or something. I was confused on why nobody else was woken up by this loud and obnoxious noise.

I had finally made it to the kitchen, and turned the corner, and there it was, just as I worried. The stove was on fire.

Panicking, I yelled for help, but there was no answer. The alarm was making my ears feel like they were bleeding, because of how loud they were.

I went in for a closer look, and I accidentally got too close and my hair was on fire. I screamed for help, and then…

I actually woke up. The clock was 3:46 in the morning, and nothing was on fire, there was no alarm, and I was fine.

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